Top 7 foods that contain more calcium than milk


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“Do not want to drink milk,” is the sentence that we always hear from mothers about their children, although milk contains a high percentage of vitamins and calcium important for the growth of the child and build his muscles and teeth, but most children do not prefer to drink milk.

So the site offers the best foods that contain more calcium than milk, which is:

1: chia seeds

Chia seeds provide 177 mg of calcium per tablespoon, just 3 tablespoons a day will give you much more calcium than a glass of milk, and sesame, poppy, and flax seeds are also rich in minerals.

2: sardine fish

Sardines contain a high amount of calcium and some other vitamins and are therefore beneficial to the health of the body and build muscle and is considered an alternative to milk.

3: almonds

Almonds are one of the best nuts rich in vitamins and nutrients and contain the highest percentage of calcium, almonds also provide 3 grams of fiber and are full of protein and various vitamins.

4: dark vegetables

Just one cup of green cabbage contains 266 mg – a quarter of your daily calcium needs, spinach, kale and broccoli are among the highest sources of the mineral, and these greens are easy to stir and incorporate into your meals throughout the day.

5: beans

Beans are known for their high amounts of protein and fiber, but they also contain a large amount of micronutrients, the best bean sources of calcium are green beans, soybeans , winged beans , and white beans

6: orange

One cup of freshly squeezed orange juice provides about 72 mg of calcium, as oranges are also famous for their high amounts of vitamin C that helps your body absorb calcium better, although oranges do not exceed a glass of milk, they provide a variety of nutrients that milk does not.

7: yogurt

A cup of plain yogurt provides a third of your calcium needs.many types of yogurt also provide probiotics – a healthy gut provides a great deal of benefits. try yogurt topped with berries, nuts and seeds for a nutritious breakfast.