For those who suffer from obesity.. 14 food habits that get rid of you


bowl of vegetable salads

What are the most diets that a person continues to follow in an attempt to lose a few kilograms of weight, some succeed and others fail. Many times a person succeeds in losing weight as much as required, and then the body regains what was lost in a short time, often because of the wrong eating habits followed by the person.

The following offers Dr. Lisa Sassoon, professor of nutrition at New York University, some useful dietary tips that help a person get rid of obesity and maintain an ideal weight and stay on it, according to several medical sites quoted a report published by “uur”. , These tips include:

1-Eat the food you love

Some believe that it is important when you follow any diet to lose weight, you must eat foods that do not crave, but it has been proven conclusive evidence wrong this theory, enjoying the food you eat makes you feel happy and this helps you get rid of excess weight. “If you choose a diet that contains foods you don’t like, the result is failure,”Sasson said.

2-The amount you eat

The amounts you eat and the size of the dish in which you eat are psychological basics that you must adhere to especially when weight loss is the goal, the amounts eaten must be monitored during each meal.

3 – No need to go to the restaurant

Many of us prefer restaurants that offer a large and saturated meal size, and most restaurants, especially American, characterized by large meals size, which results in eating above the stomach energy. Experts advise that the meal size of a person who wants to lose weight should not be more than the size of a “fist”, it is enough to supply the body with the required calories. And if you’re keen to lose weight, try preparing your meals yourself because the restaurant will undoubtedly give you a lot more extra calories than you need.

4-Meals rich in fiber and protein

Dependence in meals rich in fiber and protein makes you feel full quickly and remain so for a period of up to 5 hours.

Psychiatrists at the University of “Sussex” recommended that any healthy diet contain a high content of protein and fiber, because they are two elements that make a person feel full and full, and thus prevent overeating foods.

5 – Mediterranean diet

Nutritionists advise to follow the” Mediterranean ” diet, which is based on olive oil, chickpeas, tomato salad, cucumbers, vegetables and fruits… Etc. This system helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and is also very useful for strengthening memory. Recent studies have shown that the “Mediterranean” diet also reduces the risk of breast cancer.

6 – Get your calories from foods, not liquids

Everyone prefers to eat delicious juice better than water, but of course that will increase the number of calories entering the body. It is preferable to get those calories from food, not from drinks. In a study of 173 obese women aged 25 to 50, when comparing their eating habits, the researchers found that when they replaced juices and food drinks with water, they were able to lose a lot more weight, perhaps more than following diets and exercise.

7. Flexibility and versatility

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Sassoon believes that” flexibility ” is one of the most important factors for the success of any diet, the diet must contain several alternatives to be chosen among them, so that the person does not get bored, and this usually happens when following diets that contain a repetition of the same quality meals daily.

8-Water is the secret

Do not leave yourself for long periods without food until you feel hungry, because usually in this case you will eat large amounts of foods. One of the best ways to reduce the feeling of hunger is to rely on drinking water. Drinking about half a liter of water half an hour before a meal helps in weight loss. Studies have shown that a person who follows this method, even during one meal, loses about 1.2 kg more than those who do not follow this advice with their diets.

9-Do not shop while you are hungry

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Studies have shown that a person who shops hungry buys about a third more ready meals and harmful foods than a person who shops full. So always try to focus, not only on what you eat, but also on what you buy.

10-Enough sleep

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According to experts and psychologists, sleeping late and waking up early, or sleeping a few hours makes you more likely to eat high-calorie and fatty foods that are often found in ready meals.

11-The importance of breakfast

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You should start your day with breakfast, the most important meal according to nutritionists. Breakfast, especially early in the morning, helps the body to start the metabolism well and thus burn food and convert it into energy that gives you vitality throughout the day.

12-Stop eating after dinner

It is very important not to eat any foods after the completion of dinner, which should be at least two hours before bedtime, because eating any foods after that accumulates in the body that enters the sleep phase and does not burn any fat in this period. Therefore, nutritionists advise that a person stop eating any foods between seven in the evening and six in the morning.

13-Avoid “diet” drinks

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Nutritionists advise to stay away completely from drinks” diet”, studies have proven that those who drink soda water” diet “on a daily basis, are prone to an increase in the size of the middle by 70% more than those who do not drink drinks” diet ” on a daily basis.

14-No to starvation

Studies have proven that the policy of starving the body of completely wrong policies when following any diet, the body may succeed in losing some kilograms at first, but soon a person happens with a kind of gluttony for food and begins to eat large amounts of foods, and thus accumulate calories, the inevitable result is an increase in body weight. One of the best ways to calculate the number of calories a person needs according to body weight, and methods of calculation are available on the internet, and thus begin to gradually reduce the number of calories consumed daily, and undoubtedly the body will begin to lose weight.