Food For Super Fast Weight Gain


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Foods to gain weight super fast, weight gain is sought by many, especially those suffering from excess thinness, which negatively affects the overall appearance, and some resort to natural herbs or foods that help gain weight safely and healthily, and in the article we show some of the foods to gain weight super fast.

Weight gain Being overweight is something that some who suffer from excessive thinness strive for, as thinness affects appearance, and both women and men also lose attractiveness. Which leads some to resort to eating high-calorie cuisine, as it helps to gain weight quickly, to get rid of the problem of thinness.

Weight gain in a week

1_ banana

Health Everyone wants to appear beautiful and slim. But due to fast moving lifestyle we simply take fried and junk foods. You can consider diet strategies to avoid weight-gain. By having meals recommended in your diet plan strategy it is possible to lose fat out of your belly. You can find numerous food diets particularly for girls to shed those extra few pounds. You are able to opt for diet plans that are online. They need three information to to style your strategy gives results that are quick to you.

Bananas help to gain weight quickly, because they contain a high percentage of sugars and calories unlike other fruits, where you can eat 3 bananas a day, to eliminate thinness. Bananas can also be added to milk, mixed in an electric mixer, and use natural bee honey in sweetening, as bananas contain iron that treats anemia and anemia, and whole milk is rich in proteins.

2 _ raisins

Your eating habits will be discussed by them. Some foods will be restricted by them like potato and outside. They suggest you uncooked vegetable which enhance your metabolism rate. Register your self for diets that work fast. Diet strategy that is just personalized made for women can be access on net. You choose the best for yourself and can visit with compared all fat loss programs and also on line. Your eating habits should change. But customs can't be alter time that is overnight; it needs emphasis and determination to alter your snacking habits. You must take fruits to possess in your moment that is noshing. You ought to eat small 6 to 8 meals per day.

Raisins are dried grapes, contains high calories, and contains a large proportion of vitamins and sugars needed to gain weight quickly, where it is recommended to eat 20 raisins in the morning, and 20 grains in the evening to get rid of thinness.

3 _ mango

This process will drastically change the rate of metabolism of the human body and your will slim down quickly. You ought to read just and then reviews begin diets that work for you. Obesity doesn't comes doctors that are alone explain as a best dwelling for diseases. Big-boned individual can easily have blood-pressure and heart related problems. It gives invites to infertility for the two men and women. In girls PCOS is very typically knows ailment which is due to obesity. This can further invite depression and mood swings from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and obesity struggle a lot since the the feminine suffering to conceive.

It is recommended to eat 3 grains of Mango a day, or eat them in the form of juice with two tablespoons of white sugar, as the mango is a fruit that has a high percentage of sugars, in addition to containing high calories, working on weight gain super fast.

4_ dates

Doctors only desire to reduce the fat of the the feminine who would like to conceive. You can find many diets that really work. Obesity thickens the walls of the nerves which in future end up being the basis for blockage. Obese individuals are to the high-risk of heart attacks and psychological problems that are acute. In the event you don't desire to be in the previously list that is created then you should enroll your-self to lose fat and feel great.

Dates contain the minerals needed to build the body, in addition to containing dietary fiber, and dates contain high calories, so it is recommended to eat three servings of dates a day, or eat date juice to gain weight.

Food for super fast weight gain

1_ Fenugreek

You may feel difference with-in 3 to 4 days if you follow subsequently correctly and after registering yourself for a diet strategy. If you want best results synergy your diet plan plan with a bit of workout. It will surely include a little additional pounds free, in case you do workout for just one hour thrice weekly.

Fenugreek contains the nutrients necessary for the body, it also contains vitamins, proteins and phosphorus, and fenugreek helps to open the appetite and desire to eat. Two cups of local fenugreek decoction with white sugar or bee honey can be consumed daily to increase weight, and fenugreek oil can be used to grease the places to be fattened, such as the face, chest, and buttocks.

2_ peanut butter

Peanut butter contains high calories, so it is preferable to consume it daily to completely eliminate thinness in a short period.

3 _ starches

Starches of various types contain a high content of sugars and carbohydrates that work to increase weight, where you should keep eating pasta or rice daily.

4 _ chocolate

brown and white chocolate bars

It is also known to everyone that chocolate is one of the most popular foods that help to gain weight quickly, because it contains a high content of sugars.

5_ meat

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Meat contains a large amount of protein, since it is possible to eat red meat or chicken meat, to gain weight and build muscle quickly. 6_ butter Butter contains high calories, working on weight gain, as one tablespoon of butter, contains almost 40 calories.

6_ butter

Butter contains high calories, working on weight gain, as one tablespoon of butter, contains almost 40 calories.

Foods that cause weight gain

1_ coriander

Coriander contains a high content of iron, which strengthens the blood and promotes the transport of oxygen to the cells, which increases the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood, contributes to the treatment of anemia. Coriander kernels can be ground, eat a tablespoon after each meal, and a spoonful of coriander can also be put on a salad or appetizer, to increase the desire to eat large amounts of food, resulting in weight gain.


onion lot

Onions help to open the appetite, it also helps in cleansing the intestines and expelling toxins from it, so it is recommended to eat 3 onions in the size of a medium egg throughout the day.

3_ nuts and dried fruits

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Raw nuts are one of the best foods that can be consumed on a daily basis to gain weight, as they contain high calories, and crushed nuts can be mixed with whole milk to get rid of thinness in one month. Dried fruit also works to gain weight quickly, because it contains sugars and high calories, especially Cranberries.

4_ fatty fish

headless fishes with sliced of lemons on brown wooden chopping board

Fatty fish are a source of protein and healthy fats that work to gain weight quickly, and fish contain omega-3s, such as salmon fish, cod liver oil, and others.

5 _ avocado

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Avocado fruit contains a large percentage of healthy fats, as well as minerals, vitamins and calories, which help in gaining weight quickly.