9 foods that stimulate your body to burn excess fat


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While you are doing exercises to burn fat in your body, you also have to focus on nutrition that brings you closer to your goal. But what foods actually increase fat burning The answer is here:

1. Quinoa

“Superfood”, the earliest description of this cereal belonging to the family katifia, thanks to the fact that it contains all nine essential amino acids and is rich in minerals. This cereal, known to the peoples of the “Incas”, stimulates metabolism and ensures a healthy hormonal balance. It is no secret that hormones have a significant effect on the process of burning fat.

2-Greek yogurt

Although Greek yogurt contains 10% fat, it is a good vegetable fat. In this way, it indirectly regulates insulin levels.


Almonds can help your body burn fat, as they contain healthy fats and proteins and thus have a positive effect on the level of insulin and our sense of satiety. In addition, almonds provide the body with magnesium, which is good for regenerating muscles and thus for burning fat.


Cinnamon contains a lot of fiber and plant nutrients that help regulate blood sugar levels. This appetizing spice contains a large number of antioxidants and helps in muscle regeneration.

5. Green tea

There are several reasons why we should drink green tea regularly, including bitter substances called “catechins”, which promote fat burning. Caffeine in green tea also stimulates digestion, the substances contained in it promote the conversion of food energy into body heat, which is reflected positively on the metabolism and burning more calories.


Avocados were once called the “calorie bomb,” but are now the Queen of healthy foods. Because, like nuts and yogurt, these fruits contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It thus helps the body regulate its hormonal balance, especially insulin levels.

7-apple cider vinegar

It cannot be taken alone for its sour taste, but a small dose of it with tea and honey has a very significant effect. As well as use it in the preparation of salad dressing for its benefits to promote digestion. It also has a positive effect on the level of insulin in the blood and quickly reduces the feeling of hunger.


The oil resin “oleoresin” contained in ginger is an essential oil-bearing and tonic substance. The secret here is to regulate the body’s temperature, as it raises its temperature and thus increases the fat burning process. Ginger also promotes digestion, leaves a feeling of satiety faster and boosts metabolism.

9-Chili Peppers

As in the action of green tea and ginger, the pungent taste returning to the thermophilic substances increases the process of calorie consumption. The compound” capsaicin ” contained in Chili Peppers has the same effect and thus contributes to weight reduction, and also promotes digestion. But here you should be careful not to overeat it. Although moderate amounts of it benefit the work of the stomach and intestines, excess of it negatively affects the stomach.